Roland BA 330

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roland-ba-330ROLAND BA-330 sangat user-friendly dan ideal untuk berbagai kebutuhan seperti keyboard tunggal, untuk pidato sampa untuk kebutuhan area resto atau gym dengan area tertutup maupun terbuka dengan cakupan ruangan kecil sampai sedang, speaker ini bisa di andalkan. sound yang di hasilkan cukup bagus di kelas PA portabel stereo. BA 330 bisa mengover sumber suara dengan maksimal area seluas kurang lebih 40 meter persegi. frekuensi mid-hi juga tidak menyerang telinga. area mid-low kick drum bass cukup solid. balance antara instrumen pengiring dan vokal sangat maksimal pada area outdoor ukuran sedang.

spesifikasi umum

- Speaker 16cm (6.5 inchi) x 4

- Tweeter x2

- Level input/output level (1khz) : ch1, ch2

- mic : -50dBU, CH1. CH 2

- Inst: -20dBu, CH 2/CH4, CH5/g: -20dBU, AUX; -10dBU

-Stereo LINK IN: -10dBU

-Level Output (1kHz): Line Out:-10 dBU, Stereo Link Out: -10dBu

- Indikator: Battery

- Harga: 6jtan


The portable Roland BA-330 Stereo PA System delivers high-performance sound that defies its modest size, whether operating with battery power or plugged in. The Roland PA's digital stereo amplifier drives four 6-1/2" stereo speakers and 2 tweeters, positioned for wide stereo projection. The BA-330 is an ideal, all-in-one portable PA for small music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more.

Powered by AC power or 8 AA batteries, the all-in-one Roland digital PA system is suitable for use anywhere. The PA system's powerful high-quality stereo sound supports music for audiences of up to 80 people. No setup is required, just plug in and go. The Roland BA-330 has 3 high-quality effects built in: Reverb, Delay, and Wide. The effects can be turned on or off independently for each channel. In addition, Roland provides a master 2-band EQ and EQ control for each channel.

You can plug a wide range of instruments, microphones, and devices into the Roland BA-330 simultaneously. Two mono channels are provided for microphones or line-level instruments (XLR and 1/4" jacks), 2 stereo channels are available for stereo instruments (1/4" L/R jacks), and a stereo aux input channel is included for CD players and other devices (RCA and TRS jacks).

Cascade 2 Roland BA-330 units using the Stereo Link jack—giving you twice as many channels and the ability to position the 2 units on opposing sides of the stage. The stereo aux input has a dedicated volume-control knob for ultimate control of your sound.

If you've ever encountered embarrassing feedback onstage, and most of us have, you'll be pleased to know that the BA-330 is equipped with Roland's advanced anti-feedback technology. With a simple switch, the BA-330 automatically detects the howling point and eliminates feedback. A built-in tilt-back stand enables optimal monitoring angle, and Roland includes a speaker stand adaptor for mounting the BA-330 PA system on a standard speaker stand.


  • Great for street performances, open-air concerts, school meetings, outdoor events, dance classes, presentations, in-store events, church gatherings, and much more

    All-in-one portable digital PA system suitable for use anywhere
  • Powerful high-quality stereo sound for audiences of up to 80 people
  • No setup required
  • Powered by AC power or eight AA batteries
  • Four custom-designed 6-1/2" speakers and two tweeters for wide stereo projection
  • Built-in effects: EQ, reverb, delay, and wide (on/off per channel)
  • Four-channel configuration: two channels for mic/instruments plus two channels for stereo inputs
  • Stereo Aux input with dedicated volume-control knob
  • Advanced Intelligent Anti-Feedback function
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